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If you do not find the answers your looking for, please drop us a line


Is there suitable parking?

Yes, please be respectful to the other tenants but evenings and weekends you can park outside the unit.
During the weekday you will have to park in another carpark (a 10 second walk away) after you have unloaded your gear.
See Lee for further details about this.

How big is the Practice room?

The Music Studio is 6.5m x 4.5m or 21ft x 14ft.

A six peace band said "we are still spoiled for space"

What provisions do you have?

The rehearsal room has an acoustic drum kit, a digital piano, a Yamaha EMX512sc powered mixer with speakers, a bass amp, mic and guitar stands, a Blackstar guitar amp, a Marshall guitar amp,  a small selection of leads, 4x microphones, a Scarlett 18i20, a small mixer, 3x music stands and a kettle to make a tea or coffee.
We have quite a few provisions, If there is something you need to borrow, send a WhatsApp prior to your visit and we may be able to accommodate you.

How do I navigate to Noisy Pitch?

Look at the home page at the bottom for a live map.
Address is: Noisy pitch rehearsal studio, Layhams Farm, Layhams Road, Keston, BR2 6AR.

Are there toilets on site?

Yes, we have male and female toilets on site and less

than a 10 second walk away from the Rehearsal Space.

Will there be anyone around to help?

No, the practice room is completely unmanned However, you will receive a phone number upon booking and can call or whatsapp.

How Much is the practice room to rent?

The rehearsal studio is £15 per hour on evenings and weekends, £10 per hour on week days, payable by card or PayPal.

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